Career Guidance

We have the ethos that it is never too early to consider your future, indeed, your options later may well be affected by the decisions you make. The best advice is to gather as much advice and support as you can.

Growth in career sectors- which pathways should we be considering? Let’s examine current Government advice as to which employment sectors are projected to offer the most future growth. Where does your child's best prospects lie?

We access many sources of information through professional networks, Internet digital based resources, collaborative partnerships complimented by experienced staff who are passionate about your child’s future.

Parents and Carers often ask ‘How can we help?’ Be a research buddy, explore together the range of learning and training opportunities and navigate through it together.  Come along to parent evenings, parent and student events and be an active Lancaster Community member. Access the resources on here and become aware of application deadlines; extra- curricular activities; online tools you can use too; who is who and how they can help you child to succeed. Click on the UCAS Progress link and find out more about the online application process your child will use in year 11 to apply for post 16 options. Refer to the year 11 calendar and checklist and encourage your child to keep on track with their application process.

For more information regarding your child's career, please contact the Academy on (0116) 2703176 and ask for Ms Claire Hurst, Careers Officer.

The careers programme of events runs throughout the academic year and is reviewed regularly to make sure that its content meets the needs of our changing and evolving student population. As such there may be changes to the advertised programme of events to allow for this.



Links to useful websites

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Labour Market Information

Find out and compare information about different jobs in the UK.

Work experience who, how and why

Work Experience is offered to a select group of Year 10 students. Students take part in a realistic recruitment and selection process involving an interview for potential candidates.

Student comments from some of those who took part last academic year:


"I learnt how to interact with customers."


"I enjoyed learning how to help people and be part of a team."


"I have learnt a fair amount about discipline, how the working industry works and how I will cope with it."


"I enjoyed my experience as a Mechanic and I learnt how to take apart a car and put it together again."



Careers Enquiries

Careers Enquiries
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