Going potty for pumpkins!

Posted on: 01/11/2018

To celebrate Halloween the house competition this week was to see which house could be the most creative and carve the best pumpkin. Students were in charge of organising themselves and designing their pumpkin, before working with their head of house to carve out their design.


Typhon House went for the Scarface look with teeth that that took on new meaning – plaudits to the boys involved in designing and scooping duties whilst carving was left to our very own Mr Patel whom was probably more hindrance than help.  The activity was carried out in “high spirits” with some spooky faces caught on camera in celebrating our achievement.


A strong turnout for Colchian today with excellent teamwork and co-operation shown.

A special congratulations to Zoe T, whose outstanding skills took Colchian into first place. Well done.


Attendance from students in Ladon house was very good. Under the guidance of year 11 students, George and Frank, they managed to effectively collaborate with students across all year groups in Ladon house to carve a fantastic design on their pumpkin and were very entertaining in the process.


The star Wyvern pumpkin team were desperate for inspiration for our model. We needed something hideous, terrifying, and unearthly, but where to look? Fortunately inspiration came in the form of Mr Patel, (Head of Typhon).  Admittedly, we had to tone things down as we didn’t want to give small children nightmares!  Even Ms Chohan complimented our pumpkin.

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