Employability Careers Workshop

    Posted on: 03/06/2019

    VIY Employability and trades workshop – 23rd May 2019

    As part of our careers virtual wallet funding a group of 25 students from years 9 & 10 took the opportunity to take part in a careers workshop.

    The purpose of this workshop was to look at employability skills in relation to the construction industry and its related trades. The workshop was split into three sections, which covered team building, numeracy and practical activities. All of this fed into the idea of our transferable employability skills and ensuring that our students can identify these skills, in order to develop them ready for the world of work.

    For team building, the groups had to construct the tallest free standing tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Whilst the focus was how they worked as a team, their communication skills were pivotal in working well collaboratively.

    Moving on to the numeracy task the teams had to cost out a scenario, which not only made them think about the cost of labour and materials but also got them thinking about extra factors such as travel and equipment costs.

    Finally they moved onto the plumbing task where they had to construct squares to specific measurements. Sounds simple enough but there were the extra elements of quality control which ultimately decided on which team had best fulfilled the criteria of the task.

    All in all a successful morning and the students were excellent ambassadors for the academy. Students found the experience useful as it got them thinking about the trades in a more realistic way as well as dispelling some myths about just how many different areas of employment are needed to keep the construction industry working effectively.


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