Another first at Lancaster!

Posted on: 16/10/2018

So many of our Year 7s and 8s wanted to be prefects that we have created the post of ‘Junior Prefect’. Our Junior Prefects are very excited about getting together to discuss what the role is going to be like in reality.

Listen to what some of them said about being a Prefect at Lancaster:


“I am going to be an amazing prefect, as I want to make a difference at Lancaster. I am one of the first girls and I would want to make it a better place - to feel like home with the Lancaster Ways” - Ayeisha Year 7


“Helping people is my main reason for wanting to be a Junior Prefect. If I can achieve this during my time at Lancaster I will feel very proud”. - Kayne Year 7


“I feel as a Junior Prefect I can use this to help new students as they arrive at Lancaster” - Fabian  Year 8



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