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Uniform & PE Kit can be purchased online or in store from Uniform Direct, Leicester, LE1 3PJ.

Covid-19 update from Uniform Direct

Uniform Direct Opening Hours:

  • Monday (including bank holiday) to Friday 9 am until 6 pm.
  • Saturday 9am until 5pm and Sunday 10am until 4pm.

The requirement for people joining the queue outside our store:

  • You must maintain a minimum of 2 meters /6 feet distance between yourself and other customers in the queue.  (if someone is close you must request they move away to the safe recommended distance of 2 metres/6 feet).
  • You must NOT come as a family group.  We recommend one adult only, and if absolutely necessary one adult with one child.
  • You Must measure your children before you arrive and bring the measurements with you.

Inside our store, you will be asked to stand on a floor marking which is designed for one person (and one child if necessary), these service stations are 2 meters/6ft apart from each other.

  • Uniform Direct are NOT allowed to measure your children for you due to distancing regulations. We have attached a measurement charge for you to use before you arrive.
  • Staff will ask you for the list of items you require and the sizes you would like them in, and then they will go and get them for you.  If you are unsure of the sizes the staff will take the measurements you have taken for your children and they will supply you with the relevant items.
  • There are no trying on facilities, no changing areas and no handling of garments due to quarantine regulations.
  • Once all of your goods are collected for you they will be taken to the till. 
  • You will be invited to stand on the marker at a distance away from the till until the products are processed and then you will be able to step forward to pay.

If parents come to the store with all of the relevant information, we can serve a considerable number more quickly, and reduce the queue’s.

We have been required to add barriers outside the store to control the queue’s and we have employed a security company to ensure safe distancing as required by the local authority.

In general parents of the schools we serve have been very understanding of the way in which we are required to serve customers during this unprecedented time, however, please continue to be kind, we will not accept verbal abuse of our staff who are working extremely hard to ensure that as many students as possible can receive their uniform in time for start of school.

We also ask that parents avoid purchasing multiple sizes and then bringing them back, as everything returned has to go into quarantine and is then not available for other parents to purchase.  Bring measurements and take the item you need, our staff will help you.

Please note when purchasing our Uniform:

  • A knitted jumper - with blazer
  • A sweatshirt - for P.E

Uniform Direct Website

Uniform Direct will re-open on 15th June 2020, please see the information attached, they are working to strict Government guidelines in respect of service, safety for customers and staff and will be maintaining correct social distancing and product safety at all times.  

Uniform Direct Covid-19 Guidelines

Further information regarding school uniform can be found by downloading the following leaflet:

Uniform Leaflet 2021-22