Gifted & Talented

What does Gifted & Talented mean?

At Lancaster, a Gifted pupil is one that shows a high level of ability in the core subject areas such as English, Maths or Science. A Talented pupil shows a high level of ability in non-core subjects such as Art, Music, Drama or PE. A Gifted & Talented pupil has the ability to achieve, or does achieve, highly in both of these areas.

How has my child been selected?

Pupils are selected for the Gifted & Talented program by the use of school data – this includes data from primary schools to ensure that pupils make expected progress during their time at The Lancaster Academy. It also is made up of teacher nominations. Pupils on the register reflect the top 10% of their school year.

What does this mean for my child?

For the next academic year, your child will remain on the register if they are there currently. The purpose of this is to improve attainment, motivation and self-esteem of Gifted & Talented pupils; it also ensures consistency throughout your childs’s time at Lancaster. 

In-class provision includes:

  • Tasks which demand higher order cognitive and intellectual skills to challenge pupils
  • More complex and open-ended tasks and flexible learning strategies
  • Each faculty has a G & T representative
  • Extend and challenge tasks provided regularly to stretch G & T students
  • Learning sets whereby G & T students take on decision-making roles

Out of class provision includes:

  • Lunchtime and after-school clubs
  • Visits to events with a specific Gifted & Talented focus
  • 1-1 mentoring
  • Membership of NAGC
  • Celebration events
  • Workshops
  • Brilliant Club

How can I support my child if they become stressed?

For more able pupils, levels of stress can often be exacerbated by high expectations of achievement and pressure to excel.

These stresses can come from a number of angles including teachers, parents, peers and the pupil themselves. If you feel your child needs support relating to stress, we have mentors available at school, as well as an external nurse who visits the school weekly.