Anti-Bullying Champions

Posted on: 29/10/2018

Following our attendance at a training session run by The Diana Awards on Anti-bullying, and as part of our on-going Anti-Bullying work, The Lancaster Academy held an in-house conference today to train 13 students to become ‘Anti-Bullying Champions’.

We now have a team of students who are trained to recognise bullying when they see it, (both in school and online), and to feel confident being an ‘Upstander not a Bystander’ when they see their peers being bullied.

These students are now part of an Anti-Bullying Team, who have ideas and plans for the academic year towards raising awareness of the effect of bullying, to offer support to anyone that may be a victim of bullying, to encourage reporting of such incidents and to offer a safe friendly environment for anyone that may need a friend.

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