Our Future Leaders

Posted on: 31/10/2018

This week  all our Prefects met properly for the first time to discuss the way forward for this academic year. The agenda was determined by Mrs Fisher, our Principal, and concerned:

  • Raising the profile of the Prefects at Lancaster
  • Establishing a ‘Prefect Code of Conduct’
  • The roles and responsibilities of Lancaster Prefects
  • Important improvement planning
  • The Prefect Conference

All the Prefects contributed excellent ideas for all these agenda items. The next meeting will be of the Senior Prefect Team, who will plan how to pull these ideas together so that the Prefect Conference can have a big impact.

When I spoke with Mrs Fisher after the meeting, she said, ‘I am proud of how our junior and senior prefects worked together to come up with some really good ideas, especially about the roles and responsibilities of the Lancaster Prefects. Their ideas ranged from leading clubs for younger students to raising money for charities, from running a tuck shop to being on duty in the Y11 study room. Their commitment to The Lancaster Academy is fantastic. They are future leaders.’

Written by Ellen Squires

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