Bright Futures Year 11 Careers Fair

Posted on: 13/11/2018

Being at a careers fair can be a daunting prospect for some people - having the right questions, presenting yourself well and for those of a nervous disposition, it can be a challenge and an obstacle to overcome. So this was a perfect vehicle as a training exercise to help prepare our students for later life in the world of interviews and engaging with strangers in a professional capacity.  

There was a broad range of post 16 providers available for our students to talk to on the day: from the Police, the Armed Forces, DAF Ford & Slater and the Employment and Apprenticeship Hub to all of the post 16 colleges and our local universities, which ensured that whichever pathway our students wanted to take after leaving our Academy in the summer 2019, that they had some facility or representative to talk to about their next steps.  

Feedback from the representatives included comments such as: “Polite and well prepared students.” “They asked good and sensible questions.” “The students were clearly well prepared and most were well informed about their next steps.” Our students did themselves proud and exemplified the Lancaster Ways by displaying the PRIDE values throughout the experience. They comported themselves with maturity and the correct mind set to get the benefits that such an event was intended to give.  

to quote one student: " You know Miss, this was the best thing we've done."

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