Bright Futures Day

Posted on: 12/11/2018

Last week students at The Lancaster Academy enjoyed the first of our three ‘Bright Futures’ days of the year, designed to raise aspirations and ambitions and support students in making future pathway choices. Throughout the week students spent time in assemblies, tutor time and lessons talking about their futures and developing the skills and characteristics they need to fulfil their potential.

On Friday our Year 11 students were involved in a Careers Fair and a range of careers based activities to help prepare them for their future pathways. Year 10 students worked on a range of strategies to support them in their future choices and external advisors supported them by coming in and sharing Labour Market information.

Our year 9 students developed their understanding of a range of professions while learning how to present to an audience and year 8 students took part in forensic science ‘Murder Mystery’ experiments and sports leadership skills.

Personal statements were written and performed by our year 7 students who also spent time developing understanding of who they are and how they aspire to develop as they move forward at Lancaster.

Throughout the day all staff and students took part in an Armistice Commemoration lesson where they spent time reflecting on those who gave their ‘Bright Futures’ so we could have ours. Every member of the Academy contributed their fingerprint to a large scale piece of commemorative artwork which looks truly spectacular and will go on display in the Atrium.

The day was a resounding success. Students shared that they had found it ‘exciting, informative and interesting’ and that the activities had helped them to think about what they might want to do in the future.

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