Computational Thinking Challenge

Posted on: 27/11/2018

The Lancaster Academy took part in the UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge held in November. We had a number of participants from all year groups working together, using skills such as decomposition, algorithmic thinking and problem solving to work through the challenges. All the participants gave up their lunchtime to come and join the challenge. The competition had over 200,000 UK students participate this year and it was great for our Computer Science students to be a part of that.

Preetum - Year 10 Prefect and Computer Science student had this to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the UK Bebras Challenge. I chose to enter because I wanted to widen my understanding of Computer Science and how to solve complex problems. The Bebras challenge showed me how computer Scientists operate in the real world and how they think. I did find he challenges hard but by using computational thinking, I solved the questions with success. If in the future, this challenge comes my way, I would happily participate. “


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