Co-educational preparation visit

Posted on: 10/07/2018

On a hot day in early July,14 girls from Babington Academy visited us as part of our ongoing process to prepare for being co-educational from the start of the next academic year. For most of them this was their third visit and therefore they were in a position to be able to share their views on the progress we have made at Lancaster over the 18 months of the preparation process. During their visit they attended lessons and socialised at break and lunch time with our students and were able to ask questions about systems that are now in place. Their feedback was positive in that they felt that the atmosphere was calm in lessons and in particular at social times. 

"The whole feel of the Academy is calm and the key areas for development are much improved". They also felt that the boys were getting used to having girls here and it felt friendly. "It was an improvement since last time as it seemed friendly as the boys were very respectful". We would like to thank Babington Academy for their on going support and the invaluable feedback from their students which continues to support us on our co-educational journey.