Student Health Awareness

Posted on: 17/12/2018

Supporting Students.

On 23rd November and 13th December the Healthy Together 0-19 Team presented pop up Emotional Health and Alcohol Awareness events over the lunchtime period.  Information was available regarding where to find help and how to contact the Public Health Nurse (school nurse) Jane Cox for support and advice. Students were able to access information including practical steps on managing anxiety, how to cope with exam pressure and how to improve sleep. Information was also available regarding alcohol, the effects on the body, the law and staying safe.

If students prefer, the Health for Teens website has lots of useful information on health, lifestyle, sexual health, feelings and growing up. Students can contact your school nurse by texting 07520 615386 or by speaking to a Mrs Abraham (Wellbeing Officer) in school who can make an appointment.

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