Posted on: 19/12/2018

Building Relationships, Mindfulness, Managing Emotions.

Year 7s have been involved in group work to support our learners with managing their emotions.

Senior teachers from the Primary School Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Team have been training and supporting Mrs Lee (Assistant Sendco) in delivering these courses.

Each group participates in weekly sessions looking at how to manage situations more positively, looking at triggers for behaviour and how to develop good friendships.

Techniques are shared and practiced in staying calm, being mindful of our actions and behaviours, and having a more positive outlook.

All students have engaged extremely well and we will continue to roll out the programme across the rest of the year.

This week we are having a Christmas themed session. The objectives are based on working cooperatively, taking turns, using effective communication skills and following instructions.

Every session starts off with a reminder of the group ethos, agreed at the start of the course and always ends with a complement session where we discuss individuals successes.


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