Year 7 Girls Futsal

Posted on: 24/01/2019

Our first ever Futsal competition was held at Crown Hills Community College this week and to say the girls were excited about it would be a huge understatement. They have been looking forward to this since we came back to school after Christmas as it is something they have not done before.

As we arrived at the tournament we had plenty of time to practise our tactics and skills before the other schools arrived. Getting used to the different ball, rules and size of pitch took us a few minutes. As the other schools arrived the girls went very quiet (very unusual for our bubbly Lancaster girls), I asked what was wrong the response I got, “Miss they look like they are year nines!” the other schools were noticeably taller than our girls; however what we lacked in height we more than doubled in our determination, resilience and motivation.

With each game the girls played, their confidence grew and so too did their understanding of the game. With some close fought games they certainly enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to the next tournament. Once again the girls did me and the Lancaster Academy community proud. It is always a pleasure taking the girls to games when they enjoy it this much.

Written by Miss Mack

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