Girls Basketball

Posted on: 30/01/2019

After making it through the tournament and early stages of the competition we were ready for the next challenge, Castle Rock School as the next match.

When I told the girls this they were really excited both about being through to another round but also getting to play against a different team.

Throughout the game possession and chances went both ways making it a very even tightly fought contest. Even with Castle Rock scoring first it did not dampen the girls spirits  and in the next quarter they came out more determined than ever, pulling the scores back to within 1 point.

Unfortunately Castle Rock went on to score again in the last quarter with very little time for us to get another one back before the time ran out.

From all of the girls the huge amount of progress and increase in confidence was evident from the beginning, this was by far the best basketball game the girls have played.

I always say it but the girls once again did me and the whole of The Lancaster Academy extremely proud with their efforts and conduct.

Written by Miss Mack