Organ Donation Start the Conversation

Posted on: 05/09/2018

Our recently ‘retired’ Head of PE, Mr Pete Sandford visited the academy today in a very new capacity.

Representing The Bodie Hodges Foundation he came to give a talk about the importance of having the ‘organ donation conversation.’

Using a combination of statistic and heart felt messages this presentation hopes to raise awareness and convince young people of the importance of being on the organ donation register and most importantly about talking to your nearest and dearest about your wishes with regard to organ donation.

400 students in Y10 and Y11 gave the presentation a very warm reception, listening intently and joining in when asked questions; they represented Lancaster well and were true ambassadors.

One Y10 said: ‘I always knew it was important but it is good to be reminded.’

Let’s hope that the ‘Organ Donation Start the Conversation’ message is acted upon and more young people register and talk to others about their wishes.

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