Posted on: 11/02/2019

Premier League Enterprise Programme 2019 Launch

Making sure that careers as an idea that resonates with all year groups and not just the older students at our academy is hugely important to us here. It gives me great pleasure therefore to report back to you about one of our latest collaborations with the Leicester City Football Club’s Community Trust partners and the LEBC.

Selected students in Year 8 and 9 will be taking part in an 8 week long programme of workshops that look at the development and improvement of employability skills, such as confidence, financial capability and teamwork. So on Friday February 8th we attended the launch event of the programme with 14 Year 8 students.

The morning event included a guided tour around the stadium, however the focus was not on the football but more on the jobs and the people that play a vital role in ensuring the continuing success of the club.

In the media centre we were fortunate enough to meet two members of the Sky News Sports team - a reporter and a cameraman, and it was the journalist who enlightened us as to he got into his career. Our students posed some well thought-out questions, as well as wanting to know which famous names he had interviewed.

Excitement and curiosity was high as we looked around the home and away changing rooms, and John, our guide talked us through the behind the scene job roles, such as the sport scientist, the club doctor, the maintenance teams, electricians, liaison officers, and hospitality jobs that go into the running and financial development of a successful sports club. He even told us about the psychological effect of the 12th man in the away team’s changing room.

Finally we were allowed to look around but not step on the famous pitch and saw one of the match balls, however one of the best parts of the morning was when our students simulated going through the tunnel towards the pitch, complete with sounds effects of the chanting crowds, graciously provided by our guide. It was great to see how involved and engaged our students were with the whole event and the event organisers were very complimentary about how our students behaved and engaged with the programme. Our students were excellent ambassadors for the academy and comported themselves with PRIDE.

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