Year 9 Literacy & Numeracy Lesson

Posted on: 13/02/2019

Bringing the workplace in – literacy, numeracy and IT skills at work

There are times when students are so immersed in the routine of learning at our academy, that they find it difficult to see how their developing skills will help them later on in the working world.

With the assistance of our Enterprise Business Advisor Lee Sursham, from DAF Ford & Slater, we are beginning to challenge those ideas by bringing the workplace into the classroom.

The purpose of the lesson was to get our students to apply their literacy, numeracy and IT skills in a workplace scenario. With that in mind,Lee gave a group of our year 9 students a routine task that the technicians at DAF Ford & Slater would do on any normal day in the workshop.

Using the DAF e-platform on our school IPads, the students worked in groups to calculate the costs of repairing a heavy goods vehicle. They had to read the information about the problems, find the parts in the stock lists, locate the prices and put the quote together, making sure that they remembered to add in the VAT. There was a competitive element to the task and the winners will be given prizes as a reward for getting the correct answer as well as working together effectively in order to complete the task.

Students found the lesson valuable as they were able to see how their literacy, numeracy and IT skills would be needed in an area of industry where they stereotypically might not have expected it to be the case.    

This is an exercise we will be looking to repeat and develop in the future as part of our expanding careers programme.




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