Lancaster Academy Peace Garden

Posted on: 21/03/2019

Yesterday the Year 9 Bright Futures activity began with students getting stuck in with lessons focussing on WW2 and the idea of peace following the horrors of combat and the terrors that people faced. They then went on to Expressive Arts to plan and design a peace garden that will be built on the school grounds. The groups took on the tasks as real life Landscape Architects, thinking about the concept of peace and how they would convey the idea through their garden designs – adding a bit of creative licence at the same time. Designs had everything from elaborate planting and pathways to ponds and even a bronze statue of Principal Mrs Fisher!

A fantastic day and a fantastic result for everyone involved. Designs will now be picked through to come up with a final plan for Lancaster’s very own Peace garden, to be built by lucky students in the hopefully sunny, coming months

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