Dynamic DNA at the University of Leicester

Posted on: 13/09/2018

On Wednesday 12th September, year 10 attended a Dynamic DNA workshop at the University of Leicester.

The event was divided into a variety of different fun, hands-on activities for the students to take part in. The activities were all related to genetics and DNA, and some were related to real research projects being done at the university.

Activities included learning about cloning; extracting DNA from a banana; DNA fingerprinting; learning about the structure and function of DNA and looking at glow in the dark jellyfish protein.

The students all had a really enjoyable time and also got an insight into university life.


‘I enjoyed being able to experience the university campus as well as learning about DNA’ – Sammy

‘I really enjoyed making plants glow!’ – Zeeshan

‘We injected jelly fish protein into e-coli bacteria to make it glow.’ – Jacob

‘The visit was a really interesting experience for us all.’ – Yussaf

‘I enjoyed making grizzly bear DNA bracelets out of beads.’- Mrs Riley


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