LCFC Celebration

Posted on: 19/06/2019

Having completed a series of workshops learning about and developing their employability skills, our year 8 students had the opportunity to come together with all of the other schools taking part in the programme to celebrate their successful completion of the course.

Our Lancaster Academy students represented us well showing those all-important PRIDE values in how they behaved and communicated with others.

As part of the event there were two competitions; one a quiz on Leicester City Football Club and another on designing a logo. I’m please to say we had winners in both categories. Maine Wood won the football quiz and a combined team effort from Taylor Brooks, Dane Francis, Ajay Burton-Pratt, Louie Farnham, Maine Wood and Luke Booth-Fuller produced one of the two winning entries.

Within their workshops students completed activities which looked behind the scenes who and what needs to be done in order to run a Premier League football club successfully. These ideas included the retail, maintenance and the financial departments of the club with budgeting and design and a multitude of teamwork activities. It is hoped that such workshops will continue to raise the awareness of the world of work for our students as well as raise their aspirations in planning for their future pathway.

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