Nottingham University

Posted on: 25/06/2019

On Friday we took 13 of our Year 10 students to Nottingham University for a Core Maths Conference. Students were designated into a small group and were given a timetable of six session to sample during the event. Each session lasted for 25 minutes to give a flavour of how that area of mathematics fits into “work, life and study”. Presenters were representing different elements of mathematics including Nursing, Psychology, Construction, Finance etc.

Here are some comments from students:

“The best thing about the trip to Nottingham University was how the use of maths can help us and how important maths is in our lives. Also the staff was very nice with us, providing us with what we needed.”

“I really enjoy the activities and workshops that were set up and I really enjoyed having the chance to work as a team to solve problems which may come up in different areas of work and be able to put past learnt maths skills into a real life context.”

“The best part was when, in the Psychology workshop, we had to read the words of different colours written in a different colour and record the time.”

“The lesson from the Rolls-Royce Company was the best because it was really fun and I really love submarines.”

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