Work Experience

Posted on: 03/07/2019

The valuable insight of a work experience placement. Success again for our year 10 students.

There are many reasons why work experience is a valuable opportunity to take when at school. For some, it is a ‘dipping the toe’ exercise into the diverse world of work, it can be a fact finding exercise about a potential career pathway, or it can merely be a chance to look at the daily routine of what it is like to be a part of the work force.

For our students in the feedback they gave me about their week in the world work, reiterated just those ideas. As to be expected; most were nervous about the thought of being put in a position which took them directly out of their comfort zone, however I am pleased to report that our students did themselves proud, for you as parents, but also as ambassadors for our academy as well.

Of course, part of this adventure is that our students had some ‘firsts’ to overcome, beginning with making the initial contact with their placement. That moment when you take the phone to make that first introduction can be quite daunting, but they managed it well and showed great independence in completing their week of work. 

Our students were praised about their approachability, their willingness to get involved, their helpfulness and their keenness to develop their skills base – ultimately so that they can enhance their employability skills for the future. All of these factors will stand them in good stead in their future endeavours and getting ‘work ready’.

To quote some of our students:

“Work experience was a very valuable insight into the world of work. It was a joy to be there. Best week of my life in terms of understanding what I may be interested in.”

“…gave me a valuable insight into how a corporate company runs.”

“I got a good insight in to how things work in a care home and how patient you have to be.”

There was a large variety in the range of placements – from garages, to nurseries and care homes as well as office and accounts administration and while these career pathways may not have directly related to their future aspirations, their experiences have proved valuable in determining what our students do and don’t want to do. It has also been helpful for them to have an experience of what their parents do a daily basis too!

These placements were organised via our collaboration with the Leicestershire Education Business Company Ltd (LEBC).

The work experience placements just one part of our constantly evolving careers programme within the academy and is something that we are looking to expand further to enable more students to have the opportunity to experience the realities of working life.