Democracy in Action at Lancaster

Posted on: 20/09/2018

During assemblies this week, democracy has been in action as we have been electing a year 11 Head boy for the academic year 2018/2019. This year the role has been hotly contested and assembly audiences have been torn between the choice of candidates.

Competition has been high and the standard of speeches impressive. Food and sport figure largely in most speeches - dear to boys' hearts. Other more emotive topics have been brought into play, especially by one nominee, who has only been speaking English for one year - he wants to help others as others have helped him. One common thread running through every speech is the desire to help improve the academy, to work alongside the Principal to make improvement through empowering the student voice.

But what of the girls you might be asking? From the pool of already selected Prefects, Year 10 girls will be able to stand for the position of Deputy/Senior Prefect and speculation is mounting as to who will stand. More on that when votes have been cast...and watch this space, by Friday we will know who our Head boy is, Raul, Isaac, Donell, Dev or Jovan.