Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Posted on: 09/07/2019

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre 5th July 2019

A group of students from Year 7 took part in three outdoor activities at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

The students developed new skills with expertise coaching in archery, overcame their fears on the Aerial Trek and Power Fan and had a great time Kayaking up and down River Soar and getting wet in the 26 degree heat.

One Year 7 student commented that she enjoyed the sessions a lot, ‘It’s not like learning in school, but I’m learning a lot’.

It was a fantastic to see the students challenge themselves, support one another when tasks were difficult and build strong bonds with one another.

All students behaved impeccably, were kind, supportive and encouraging to one another and were a pleasure to spend the day with.




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