King Power Celebration

Posted on: 11/07/2019

King Power Celebration Event for Year 9 students

A group of Year 9 students have recently spent the last eight weeks working through a series of employability workshops. This culminated in a celebration event at the King Power stadium as a way of thanking students for their efforts.

Our students were joined at the stadium by other local schools including our fellow secondary schools in our MAT, Babington Academy.

During the afternoon, out students completed in a quiz and logo challenge, and our groups’ extrovert nature meant that our group won the prize for the best group cheer.

Students had to consider how the workshops had impacted on their learning and attitudes towards school and their future career pathways.

“It was really helpful that we were able to know about what we want to do in the future and how we need to behave inside and outside of the class,” said Kwaku M.

Paddy McG believed that “it helped us to discover skills that we didn’t know before, such communication and resilience.”

When asked, Daniel Jackson said, “it helped us to work better as a team and we learnt about different jobs that you can do at the football club.”

“We looked at how we need to use our money wisely.”

Our Lancaster Academy students represented us well showing those all-important PRIDE values in how they behaved and communicated with others.


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