Enrichment Day

Posted on: 04/10/2019

On Wednesday 2nd October we had our first Personal Development Enrichment Day where students were able to experience a range of activities focussing on health and well-being. Students focussed on Growth mindset for one of their sessions. Within this they learned the difference between having a fixed mindset which can be inhibiting in learning and life and a growth mindset where students learned about how to become more resilient. Having a growth mindset means that when children face a challenge and fail, they tend to be more persistent and ultimately successful.

Some students also worked on activities on building self - esteem and where they can get support if they need it. They also studied some aspects of e-safety including what online grooming is and how they can stay safe. 

We provided another Health Fair this year for all students allowing them the opportunity to speak to many different representatives from a wide range of support groups and organisations, such as, the police, the NHS, Prevent, Heartwize. They asked questions and learned about the work and support available to them and the community. 

Year 11 received sessions on revision techniques in order to help them to prepare for their mocks in November. Both Years 10 and 11 also had a celebration event, celebrating their achievements this half term.

We tried a new activity for years 8-11 this year which was Art Therapy to music which students engaged well with, and Year 7 took part in an activity where they “buried” their negative thoughts and focussed on the positive. 

Once again the students worked hard and positively in all of the activities and we hope to continue to work on developing personal development and cultural capital as the year continues.

For more information on the way we are promoting personal development please visit the parental section of the website.

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