Bradgate Park Field Trip

Posted on: 08/11/2019

On Bright Futures Day all year 10 Geographers travelled to Bradgate Park to complete their physical geography fieldwork.

Students were investigating how a river changes from source to mouth. Our focus was to see what changes  we could identify in the River Lin, which flows through Bradgate Park.  The students got to work on the river

taking measurements. They had to work in small teams to gather accurate data that was used to complete our investigation. Students measured the width of the river, the depth and speed. They also completed field sketches at each site.

The students where fantastic at working through different parts of the river, and recording a range of data. They will be using the data collected to pick out changes in different parts of the river. They will need to remember the techniques they used in their exam at the end of year 11.

It was a challenging investigation as it had been raining all through the previous night.  The river was fast and deep at points. Students showed resilience, preparedness, enterprise, integrity and above all diversity by working so well together.

Students were real ambassadors for The Lancaster Academy.

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