Bright Futures London trip 2018

Posted on: 21/09/2018

Pride personified in the countries capital. Students from the Lancaster Academy demonstrated great ambassadorship on the 'Bright Futures' trip to London. With the intention to inspire to aspire, students experienced the contemporary and abstract delights of the Tate Modern and the awe inspiring history of the Tower of London. All were amazed and captivated by one of the most culturally rich capitals of Europe.

"It was an amazing trip and I learnt so much during the day."


"I learnt about the deep meaning behind works of art and was inspired by the amazing pieces worth millions."


"It was interesting and informative, I learnt about British history in a fun way."


"I can't believe I got to see the real crown jewels."


"Some of the artwork I saw was completely weird and strange but when I read about it, it kind of made sense."



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