Bright Futures Day Peace Garden

Posted on: 12/11/2019

Dragon’s Den competition to improve the biodiversity of the Peace Garden

Year 8 students have been innovative in designing and building structures to improve the biodiversity of the peace garden at Lancaster Academy.  They have worked hard to work as a team and work within constraints caused by time and provision of materials. Students’ models and presentations were then judged as part of a Dragon’s Den competition. The competitions were hard to judge with fantastic contributions across all groups, demonstrating the creative potential of Lancaster students. We certainly could see some bright sparks of future scientists and leaders throughout the day.

“I enjoyed building the bug hotel because it was fun and it will help the environment” (Krystian)

“I would have made it bigger if I had more time” (Brendan)

“It was fun and I enjoyed the fact we were working in a team. We made models from different materials and made hotels for bugs and little creepy crawlies. I liked the fact that all of us had ideas and that we put it as a big thing so all of us were happy of our work.”

“I personally think that the science workshop was fun because I loved building models. I also enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the day”

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