Bright Futures Day

Posted on: 08/11/2019

Each term The Lancaster Academy holds a ‘Bright Futures’ enrichment day with the purpose of supporting students to gain a greater awareness of opportunities and careers available to them at school and in the future. The aim of these days is to link classroom based activities with employability skills while inspiring students to go on and have high aspirations.

Last week our year 10 students were all involved in off site visits completing geography field work, visiting  art galleries, taking part in law workshops and meeting with universities to explore future pathways. In school during the day students worked on projects with teachers learning new skills which link classroom based learning to the world of work, while developing employability skills including teamwork, self-management, communication and literacy and numeracy. Students were involved with practical activities including recycling plastic to create artwork,  making insect hotels for our peace garden, performing as part of a large team in a dance based piece, debating about the importance of different careers and meeting external colleges and providers at our annual careers fair.

The day proved to be extremely purposeful and students engaged well with all of the opportunities and activities provided.

Here’s what some of our students had to say!

“I enjoyed the lesson which revolved around recycling plastic”.

“ I thought the work we did at Bradgate Park for Geography helped me understand a lot more about our environment”.

“As  a Year 8 student, I thought the information you gave on jobs and career paths was very helpful”.

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