Year 7 & 8 Table Tennis

Posted on: 13/11/2019

Year 7/8 Boys Table Tennis West Leicester Champions!

It was the Year 7/8 Lancaster boys’ first table tennis tournament. 5 students represented Lancaster. The boys had been excited all week to play and finally when the day arrived they were even more excited. The tournament took place at Fullhurst CC

We arrived at Fullhurst and the boys were very keen to get practising. We were up against Fullhurst CC first and they looked a very strong side! The 4 boys each played their opponent for 5 games up to 11 points. Within 15 minutes Lancaster were 1-0 up. Shortly after we went 1-1. We had 2 matches left. Lancaster then went 2-1 up with just one match left. Unfortunately, we just missed out with a 3-2 loss which put the overall score at 2-2

Next up was Lancaster vs Castle Mead. Lancaster went 3-0 very quickly. Unfortunately, we just missed out on last game against the Castle Mead’s number one who was looking on form! The overall score finished 3-1 to Lancaster

With one school left to play every point counted! Up next was Lancaster Vs New College. All 4 boys went on. Within 15 minutes Lancaster were 3-0 up against New College. The final games were very close but unfortunately we just missed out. This left the score as 3-1 to Lancaster

It was now time for the results. The boys had played fantastically as a team however they were nervous to hear if they had come first or second! With both Lancaster and Fullhurst CC winning 2 matches and drawing 1 it went back to countback. The results were announced and second place went to Fullhurst and therefore the winners were LANCASTER. The boys excitedly jumped up and were very quick to get their hands on the trophy! They lifted the trophy with huge smiles on their faces. Their sportsmanship throughout the tournament was fantastic. It was topped off at the end where the team shook hands (after they had lifted the trophy) with Fullhurst showing great respect.

Lancaster will now be representing West Leicester City in the County Finals on the 19th November. Good Luck!

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