Year 11 Careers Interviews

Posted on: 23/01/2020

Mock Interviews 22nd January - “That was great Miss, really useful and helpful”

The time of year has come around again, when we begin the process of preparing our year 11 students for their next steps in earnest. Of course, our students are working hard in their classes and with their revision at home, but the mock interview brings home another reality that their time at The Lancaster Academy is finite.

Our students had been prepared with two weeks of interview preparation ready for the event and it was clear in the way that the students engaged with the interview activity that they were fully on board and gave it their best effort to show themselves in the best possible light.

In their lessons, our students had looked at body language, ways of expressing themselves with confidence and raising their awareness of the ‘soft’ employability skills that employers are looking for in the world of work.

Their efforts were rewarded in the postive feedback from the interviewers – who were all impressed with the manners, behaviour and overall enthusiasm and engagement that our students showed. They were all excellent ambassadors for the academy.

In collaboration with Connexions, we had twenty one representatives to conduct the interview and, in due course, our students will receive feedback on how their interviews went – their strengths and areas to improve, in readiness for their college/apprenticeship interviews.

To quote one interviewer, “Students were excellent! They came across as being prepared and interested in what they were doing. A credit to the school”.

Naturally the positive to come out of this event is the amount of confidence our students felt at having successfully completed the interviews, another hurdle surmounted on their continuing pathway into adulthood. Well done. Students commented on how helpful and useful the event was and some with a sense of relief that it wasn’t as bad as they thought!

We wish our students every success with their upcoming interviews.

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