Volleyball Championship

Posted on: 28/02/2020

On Thursday 27th February we travelled to Rushey Mead with 2 teams to compete in the Leicester City Schools Volleyball Championship. Eight schools from across the city competed for a place in the County finals, the tournament was structured so all teams played each other once with the team finishing top being crowned city champions. 

Both teams were very consistent in their performance throughout the tournament, we were delighted that we finished the day as the best two teams in the tournament. The Lancaster Yellow team won all of their games comfortably, throughout the whole time we showed great integrity and resilience, giving respect to all participants while providing sensational game play for all.

As well as this Lancaster Greens came second giving Lancaster great joy and confidence. It was honestly a great experience and I can confidently say both teams gave there all and should be happy with there performances. We look eagerly towards the finals where we hope to come away with another victory, carrying the pride and dignity of the Lancaster name.

Written by, Shane K
Year 11

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