Acclaim Task Week 3

Posted on: 28/04/2020

The students of Lancaster have been busy using their imagination & creativity and have come up with positive poems. There were a number of entries and I have chosen the best four to share with you.

Stay safe and watch this space for next week activity.

These times are hard,
These times are different,
But still be positive,
Is not the way,
To play this day,
If your happy and positive,
There isn't anything you can't achieve,
With an i can mentality,
Everyone has changed,
Some have never been the same,
Since they experienced this pain,
But the big thing is they got through it,
You see they went out and did it,
They were the ones being positive,
Never ever ever being negative.

Some days are better
Some days are worse
Look for the blessing ,
Instead of the curse.
I know it is hard but,
Be positive, stay strong,
Get some rest
You can’t do it all
But you can do your ultimate best.

Hello there, I'm here to announce
that you should have joy and always bounce
To the skies and above
don't worry theres plenty of love
Hey, calm down, don't be rude
You should always try to change that mood
We should always give what we can give
Oh what a life we would live
We should be nice to everyone
So that one day, when we run
We will be one
And we will all have won!
Dun, Dun, Dun .... I'm done

Keep your chin up little stargazer
At worlds above our own
You are small but you are stardust
And that’s with more than you’ve known, For every sun and solar flare
Is made up just like you,
And if they’re cause for wonder
Then I promise you are too.
Look out little stargazer
‘til nothing’s left unseen,
and know there’s not a patch of sky
where no-one else’s eyes have been,
that the darkness that enfolds you
holds countless other starlit hearts,
and with this you live lifetimes apart .
be brave now little stargazer
the sky is growing light , and courage wanes like moonbeams when it’s pulled out from the night;
know when your heart is full of fear,
that it is always in your darkness
that the stars start to appear