Black History Month in History Lessons

Posted on: 07/10/2020

Students in Mr Aldis’s History class have been studying the Atlantic slave trade, this started by watching an impassioned talk given by Sky Sports cricket commentator Michael Holding. Mr Holding was a childhood hero of Mr Aldis, he opened the bowling for the great West Indian team of the early 1980’s. In his talk, Mr Holding said the only way to ensure future generations understood the importance of the Black Lives Matter campaign or Black History Month was to study the injustices of the slave trade in school. In Mr Aldis’s current Year 8 class the full horrors of the slave trade are being bought home to his students. For example, one lesson started with a picture of the Brooks slave ship and students were asked to come up with questions based on the picture.

Former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding delivered a powerful and emotive speech alongside former England player Ebony Rainford-Brent to explain why the black lives matter movement has to lead to a change in education, having drawn on not only their own experiences but those witnessed in recent months to detail how society is “brainwashed” into unconscious racism.

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