Students Zooming Through!

Posted on: 28/11/2020

The students of Lancaster had the opportunity to take part in #StartUpSaturday which was hosted by #7billionideas Sam and Karen. Our 10 selected entrepreneurs represented the academy and community to a very high standard asking questions and interacting in a professional manner over a Zoom platform. #7billionideas speakers guided our students through the principles of starting up their own business, registering their ideas, looking for investments through researching a range of resources and asking the CEO questions of how he started his business #7billionideas. I am very proud of the following students that committed their time on a Saturday morning and for thinking about their futures in a world which is always evolving. 

  • Antonio Z
  • Reyhan J
  • Nikesh P
  • Muhammad D
  • Ramone C
  • Rorey A
  • Alexander B
  • Joshua S
  • Finlay F
  • Jonathan F 

Well done to all of you, I am sure with your aspirations and determination you will succeed in the business world.

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