READY for the Future Day!

Posted on: 08/03/2022


Year 7 students were developing their character and skills including creativity, resilience and concentration which included making the tallest paper tower. 


Yesterday we hosted out ‘Living Library’ event which involved 25 volunteers from a wide range of colleges, universities and businesses’ coming in to speak with our Year 8 students about The World of Work. Students spent time in lessons learning about different careers, reflecting on the hard and soft skills required to be successful. Students then had the opportunity to meet with the volunteers to question them about their work, what motivates them and their different career journeys. The students were exceptionally receptive and responsive and asked some really interesting questions, volunteer feedback was highly complimentary with regards to student engagement. Following this event students spent time considering their own interests and potential pathways in preparation for making their options choices later this term.


The students of Lancaster yesterday collaborated with 8Biliionideas sharing and developing ideas that could change the way we live in the future. 8Billionideas were so impressed with certain groups that they have decided to work on developing their ideas further with specialists individuals from the business world. Students all had the opportunity to develop their skills online engaging with activities to build their confidence so in the future they can use their entrepreneurial attributes to better their life chances. A great day, well done to you all and look forward to the next Ready Future Day.


Written by Ellen Squires

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