READY for the Future Day Year 10 Workshops

Posted on: 06/05/2022

Yesterday we had another READY day which aimed to broaden our students’ horizons and expose them to a variety of occupations and industries. We had 18 volunteers deliver interactive and informative workshops. These workshops ranged from volunteers in the hair and beauty industry to an interactive session with a lorry on the large playground discussing careers in logistics. Students spent the first part of the day rotating around different workshops learning about the skills, qualifications and experience needed to enter these professions. Students were also exceptional in their questioning of guests when aiming to further deepen what they had learnt. Throughout the day students were exceptional in their attitude and were able to spend time considering their potential pathways to careers they may not have previously considered. After the event, the volunteers’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the Year 10 cohort, something that was echoed by those running the event in school.

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