Year 9 READY Day Activities

Posted on: 02/11/2022

Health and Social Care

Today a group of 30 year 9 students spent the day learning about careers and opportunities in Health and Social Care.  To start the day we had a visitor, Jenny, from 'Inspired to care' who talked to them about the range of roles available in the sector, the skills and values needed to work there and the qualification alternative routes they could take to get to their career choice.  They were put into the shoes of an elderly person in a care home and had to wear gloves with cotton wool in and straws in the fingers to prevent movement,  to show them how dexterity can be affected.  Their task was to get their medication (skittles) out of a standard medicine pot and take them.  They learnt how challenging and frustrating tasks like this can be for a patient and then linked the skills and qualities of a carer needed to help to this.  

Ms Levison


Y9 students created a Vogue magazine cover using the design principles needed.

Miss Patel


Some Year 9 students experienced a Careers day where they looked at how successful Entrepreneurs work. To start the day they were required to research and outline some of the hard and soft skills needed to be a successful Entrepreneur and then they were given the task of deciding on a product that they wanted to design and market. The activity supported them in understanding themselves better in order to make good career choice and to consider options post 16 and 18 years including going to college, applying to university or securing an apprenticeship. Additionally students researched the role of a financial Officer and a business analyst, which supported them with the last activity of the day which was to produce, promote, cost and present information about a new product.

Mr Kadiri

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