Year 11 READY Day Activities

Posted on: 02/11/2022

Getting ready for the future is what we’re about and the year 11s – our students who are close to moving on to the next stage in the path towards adulthood experienced a range of activities today designed to build their life and employability skills. Having been presented with a lot of information from our local colleges, Gateway and NWSLC, our students then received more insight into how they can go about organising themselves for when their mock and real exams take place, by looking at revision and planning techniques.

Alongside this, they also took part in a more life-based activity, which promoted the importance of looking after their own health and well-being. This was followed by teambuilding activities and their Head of Year, Mr Chatburn commented on how engaged the students were and that all participated and got into the spirit of the task.


Having an interview can be an anxious moment in anyone’s life and having the confidence to cope with such an event is a key quality. This was a dedicated session where students were expected to think about how they coped with unusual or stressful situations with a view to changing mindsets for the next time a challenge arises – such as the upcoming college/apprenticeships interviews next year. As a interview pre-preparation task, students took part in or observed and critiqued a live streamed interview. External visitors assisted in questioning students, getting their own answers ready for an interview and at the end, students were able to vote for the best performances. This was all in readiness for their upcoming mock interviews in January.

Advertising Unlocked

A group of thirteen Year 11 students visited Rock Kitchen Harris, a local advertising agency, for an insight into how the industry works. The session involved a tour of the offices, presentations, Q&A sessions and workshops. Students found out about the different careers available in the world of advertising by listening to talks from the Leadership team at RKH. These included Client Services, Digital Marketing, PR, Creativity in advertising, Design and the role of the Senior Account Manager. The students that attended demonstrated exemplary enthusiasm and conduct, and they gained invaluable knowledge from the experience.'

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