Year 7 Girls Netball

Posted on: 03/10/2018

As we were on our way to our first ever netball tournament for The Lancaster Academy the bus was full of excitement and laughter for the tournament ahead. As we got closer to the Soar Valley Netball Centre where the tournament was being held the bus gradually got quieter and the girls seemed a little nervous about the event.

As soon as we were registered we could get bibs on and start warming up; any element of nerves soon disappeared and there were smiles back on their faces. They began to practice their key skills and could visualise how the practises and tactics we have done at training would come in useful on the netball court.

The girls throughout were the epitome of the Lancaster pride values, doing me, the school and them proud with their conduct and continuous fair play. Whilst at the tournament other local schools commented on how impressed they were with the girls and their performances both on and off court. With the games’ results being 2-0 Loss, 1-0 Loss, 0-0 Draw, 1-1 Draw it was clear to see they grew with confidence throughout their games. I am extremely impressed with the girls! Most importantly they enjoyed every second.

When we arrived back at school we were greeted by Mrs Fisher. The girls were so excited to tell her how the evening had gone and were grinning from ear to ear. They are eager to continue their good work at the next tournament in November.

Written by Miss Mack

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