Year 11 Ready Day

Posted on: 04/05/2023


Year 11 students – Volunteering as a way to get into the world of work, really?

Back in the day you can probably remember getting a little part-time job, or a Saturday job in a local shop to earn a few extra pennies on that road towards greater independence.

This is something that many of our students don’t have access to as much these days, so introducing our students to the concept of volunteering as a means of getting into the world of work was quite a new idea to them.

Within the sessions, students investigated the possibilities available to them for going into volunteering, considering how their hobbies and interests could be used as vehicles for getting involved in the wider community.

Hopefully as a result of their session today, some of our students will seriously consider volunteering as an option – especially as we have the big help out coming up as a perfect opportunity.

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