Y7 Trip 29/09/2022 Bradgate park

Dear Parent/Guardian,




Year 7 students will be visiting Bradgate Park to engage in fieldwork on Thursday 29th September 2022 for the 1st READY day of the academic year.


The aim of the trip is to complete a series of tasks linked to the Academy READY values.


Students will navigate their way around the park and complete a series of tasks. This will involve individual and group tasks.


All students will be supported by members of staff from the Academy throughout the day.


Students should arrive to school as normal, we will complete an activity in the morning in readiness for the day, before leaving for Bradgate Park.


All year 7 will arrive back to the Academy well in advance of the end of the school day.


On the day of the visit your son/daughter should wear casual clothes and bring:


1. Packed lunch/drink (not glass). Students with a meal provided by school will be issued a packed lunch but it is advisable to bring an additional bottle of water.

2. Protection against rain (waterproof).

3. Hat if sunny and sunscreen

4. A suitable pair of shoes or boots for walking on a range of terrains

5. A bag for carrying kit.

6. A pencil and a pen


The day will provide students with the opportunity to practice a variety of skills and consider careers linked to the park and the activities


Unfortunately as we are unable to fully subsidise the trip, it is necessary to ask for a voluntary contribution of £5 from all parents to pay for their children, in accordance with the terms of the 1988 Education Act. Although there is no obligation to pay and no pupil may be omitted from the visit for that reason, the visit can only take place if the total costs are covered by voluntary contributions. Without this parental support the trip cannot take place. Please pay the £5 balance through parent pay by Friday 23rd September.



Yours sincerely,


Marvin Phythian

Head of Year 7




Lancaster Academy