A mentor is a person who, by their actions and work, helps others to achieve their potential

What we do

We work in a variety of ways, both academically and pastorally, including work on self-esteem, positive behaviour and support in achieving full academic potential. 

How pupils access support

For most of the support we offer, students are referred via their Head of Year or another member of school staff. students can also refer themselves and parents are also welcome to contact a member of the mentoring team if they wish to request support.

Parental support

We can also offer support for students that may involve signposting parents to external agencies. If you need any help, we can give you information or referral advice for some of the following issues: bereavement, drug and alcohol use, young carers and various other agencies. If you would like support and ideas in parenting teenagers, we can also give you information about joining a group run by Centre for Fun and Families which can be a useful forum for parents.

For information on any of the above, contact Pippa Walton at Lancaster Academy: (0116) 2703176

Keeping your child safe online

It is sometimes difficult for families to know how to keep their children safe online.  The NSPCC provides advice for parents about online safety and being “net aware” which will help you learn how to keep children safe online.  By copy and pasting the address below you can click onto both links to receive advice and guidance to support your child being safe online.


Further support and advice can be found at: