Useful Contacts


Principal Mrs Anna Fisher
Principal's PA Mrs D. Lockington
Vice Principal Ms A. McElhill
Vice Principal Mr T. Moore
Assistant Principal Ms N. Hartshorne
Assistant Principal Ms C. Walsh
Assistant Principal/SENco Mr S. Aldis
Assistant Principal Mrs A. Patel
Assistant Principal Mr T. Beaumont
Business Manager Ms P. Hollingshead
Head of Year 7 Ms P. Lee
Head of Year 8 Mr J. Boyd
Head of Year 9 Mr A. Damani
Head of Year 10 Mr G. Rupal
Head of Year 11 Mrs A. Patel
Progress Leader/ACU Mr I. Anderson
Exams Manager Ms J. Bowgen
Careers Leader Mrs C. Hurst

Facility bookings or advice on community Sports & Arts

Contact: Pamela Hollingshead
Telephone: 0116 270 3176
Email Address: