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READY for the Future Days

At Lancaster Academy we deliver six ‘READY for the Future’ careers days, one in each half term. These days focus on what students need to know, or be ‘ready’ for, to support them in their next pathway choices. Our READY days are bespoke to year groups and where appropriate tailored to an individual’s aspiration. Through these days, students are given careers-based learning which focuses on both the hard and soft employability skills necessary to succeed in life. Students receive opportunities additional to the careers package provided throughout the year to gain personal careers guidance, encounter and work with people from colleges, universities, business and industry, experience different workplace environments, develop understanding of higher education and different professional pathways and visit places which open their eyes, broaden their horizons and ignite their minds. All of these opportunities aim to cultivate ambition, build character and develop a strong work ethic.

2023/24 Ready for the Future Days 


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