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Work Experience

At Lancaster Academy, in getting our students READY for the future, one of the key careers-related opportunities our students in Year 10 have, is to take part in a work placement for a week in June.  What better way is there, to gain an understanding of what it means to be in the world of work, than by experiencing it ‘live and direct’!

Our belief is backed up by government statistics and reinforced by the Gatsby Benchmark framework, which we use as part of our careers curriculum planning.

According to a government website: “Surveys have shown that the schemes are proving successful in helping young people get jobs. Findings include:

  • more than 80% of young people felt they were more attractive to employers following work experience or an employer-led placement
  • around 75% of work experience participants said it had provided them with new skills and increased their confidence.”

To facilitate work experience placements, we employ the services of a Leicester-based company, LEBC, who oversee and arrange the best work placements, based on the details provided by students on their application forms.

The process begins in September, with an introductory assembly, followed by a series of PSHE/Careers lessons throughout the academic year, where they get the curriculum time to explore and deepen their understanding about the benefits of undertaking a work experience placement.

Here is a list of 5 benefits, as put together by a student, which highlight some of the benefits that work experience can bring to an individual.

  1. Helps you decide what career you would like (or not!) – It gives you an opportunity to work and feel the environment of a particular career. 
  2. All the useful skills you learn – You get to improve many skills you may have begun to learn in school or at home, such as punctuality, discipline, and self-management.
  3. Finding the required qualifications for a given job/career – It gives an idea of what college or apprenticeships you may need to do to be qualified for that particular job.
  4. Experience with the working world – It gives you an idea of how to manage deadlines and workload. It enables you to work out extra details, such as how to get from home to work and how to have a decent work–life balance.
  5. Creating an optimum daily routine – Work experience shows what a day in the 9-5 job looks like, how many hours you work, and how much time you have for breaks. You learn how professionals manage their time at work to be more productive and about team-building activities including holidays which help them manage their work-life balance.

Benefits of Work Experience

Work Experience How-to Guide

step by step student guide for w exp booklet 2024.pdf


Our 2024 work experience week has now passed, check out the feedback we have had from employers who worked with our students:

"This is exactly why I believe in giving kids opportunities, its really important for development." - CEX (retail)


"They were a pleasure to work with and performed exceptionally well. Their enthusiasm and dedication were evident, making the experience truly enjoyable and rewarding. This clearly reflects the excellent teaching and values instilled by the staff at Lancaster Academy". - Taxsolvers (accountants)


"It was our pleasure to host and support the students from Lancaster Academy during their work experience placement. We are delighted to hear that they gained valuable insights into the workplace. Encouraging and nurturing the next generation of professionals is important to us, and we are glad to have been part of their journey". - Afro Innovation Group (charity)



Work Experience Parent's Checklist 2024

checklist for parents 2024.pdf

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